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12 - STRIPLVSTYLE This month’s style section features WP Diamonds’ choice for the top 5 waterproof watches for summer. Plus the beautiful Berluti “Volume” large leather backpack. 14 - STRIPLVHEALTH Researchers in California, have discovered that psychedelic drugs like LSD and MDMA (AKA Ecstasy) can help to rewire the brain, and might be a new treatment for severe depression. 16 - VEGAS Sweet and sexy Gwen Stefani launched her “Just a Girl” residency at the Zappo’s Theater at Planet Hollywood on June 27 and performs through July, showcasing her many hits like “Just a Girl,” “Don’t Speak,” “Hey Baby”, It’s My Life,” “Rich Girl,” and “Hollaback Girl.” 18 - STRIPLVDINING - CHICAGO JOE’S Vegas Food Nerd reviews Las Vegas historical restaurant Chicago Joe’s this month. When you walk into the restaurant, you are immediately transported to a venue that feels decidedly un-Vegas. Chicago Joe’s has low ceilings with a permanent display of green Christmas lights and faux evergreen, and tables covered in the corny, yet familiar red and white checkered tablecloths. 20 - AVI LOVE - LUSTFUL We’ve got to admit it. We’re in lust with Avi. Anytime, anyplace we’re DTF (Down to Fuck). Avi’s on fire, and we love it. Check it out in the smoldering pictorial by Santodonato. 30 - CHRIS PRATT - KEEPING IT REAL It’s been two decades since Chris Pratt kicked off his acting career. Now at age 38, the actor is far away from the “dirt poor” Washington State town of Lake Stevens where he grew up with his mother working in a supermarket and his father as a gold miner. But he says that he wouldn’t have changed anything about his rise to a box office heavyweight. 36 - INSTAGRAM CRUSH This month we feature our crushes Halsey, Elizabeth Elam, Natalie Morris, Lisa Dillion and five other beauties that rock our Instagram feed.

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