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PUBLISHER SCOTT P. SANTODONATO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BRITTANY SANTOS PHOTOGRAPHY/ART DIRECTION SCOTT P. SANTODONATO DESIGN KATHERINE JONES/KATE REYNOLDS/ADAM STERN COPY EDITOR RAMONA BRANSON MEDIA SALES/SOCIAL MEDIA KHN ENTERPRISES, INC. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO MR. SANTODONATO ISABELLA ROMERO ACCOUNTING MARION CAPO DIGITAL DIRECTOR/LICENSING JACOB LEVENSON IT SUPPORT CORPORATE WEB SOLUTIONS CONTRIBUTING WRITERS MARLA SANTOS, DR. JOHN J. PIERCE, VEGAS FOOD NERD, LAINIE SPEISER, JACK WELLINGTON, FRANK ARIVESO, SKYE HUNTINGTON, BRITTANY SANTOS, JEFF ALEXANDER, LINCOLN D. CONWAY, HOWARD T. BRODY, BEBE GRANT, THE COMMANDER, MARIA HERRERA, KYLE LEVY, MITCHELL PARRISH, STEVE GREENSTEIN, SCOTT P. SANTODONATO, LOUIS MAMO LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER It’s heating up out here in Vegas. Truth be told it’s heating up everywhere: Tensions, depression, anger, hatred and more. It’s a disheartening thing to witness. We are supposed to be The United States of America with United being the operative word. It pains me to see such hatred being spewed about with little or no thought. Social media only seems to make matters worse, giving cowards a way to throw around insults, racist comments and hateful rhetoric with seemingly no consequences. While this month we celebrate our country’s independence, I urge all of us to remember that this a fucking fantastic place to live, and something we should all celebrate. Men and women of our armed forces have fought and died to give us this amazing land on which we live. I’ve fallen into this trap in a tweet or two, saying something negative when I shouldn’t have. I’m flipping the script on this my friends, and now the next time I feel the urge to do something like that I am going to send out something positive. What you put out into the universe comes back to you, and I hope to send some good out there. Enjoy the issue, and throw some good out there yourself. S STRIPLV Phone: 702.824.7822 E-mail: MARKETING, ADVERTISING RATES AND INFO E-mail: SUBSCRIBE TO STRIPLV: Make Checks Payable to: STRIPLV 11700 West Charleston Blvd. #170-345, Las Vegas, NV 89135 Send me a one-year Subscription (12-issues of STRIPLV) for just $39.99 Send me a two-year Subscription (24-issues of STRIPLV) for just $69.99 Subscribe Online at Follow STRIPLV on Contents copyright 2005-2018. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be produced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical without permission in writing. The publisher accepts no responsibility for unsolicited or contributed articles, photographs, artwork or advertisements. All information regarding editorial content is deemed reliable. No representation is made on the accuracy hereof and is printed subject to errors and omissions.

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