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STRIPLVSTYLE 2017 FERRARI LaFERRARI CONVERTIBLE Unveiling at the October 2016 Paris International Motor Show is the open-top version of Ferrari’s LaFerrari hypercar. As we go to print—a month in advance—Ferrari has not decided on a name: ‘Spider’ and ‘Aperta’ are possibilities. It has the same V12 hybrid engine as its hardtop version, with 949 hp, identical performance figures, and 217 mph top speed. The name of the new car will be announced at the Paris International Motor Show (Oct. 1-16, 2016) as will the number of cars Ferrari plans to build, which are already sold-out after their special client preview. Priced around $3-$5.8 million. WILLIAM HENRY The American brand of William Henry creates timeless personal style for men through unique accessories crafted with honor and integrity, earning its fame for creating exclusive, award-winning pocket knives and artistic jewelry for men. Today’s collections include men’s jewelry, writing instruments, money clips, cuff links, key chains made from natural materials, precious metals and gemstones, with state-of-the-art alloys as the hallmark of William Henry’s work, created exclusively in limited, often unique editions. WILLIAM HENRY – MONARCH ‘FOUR GUARDIANS’ POCKETKNIFE This beautiful limited 5-piece edition pocketknife features a mesmerizing handle, finely hand-engraved in Italy by Bottega Incisioni with 24K Gold inlays. The blade is hand-forged ‘Hornets’ Nest’ damascus steel; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with spinel. An unforgettable personality statement to be worn and used for a lifetime, before passing it down to another generation. Priced at $12,500. Available at WILLIAM HENRY – MEN’S CLAN BRACELET This bracelet is built around a centerpiece that features a bead crafted from 10,000 year-old woolly mammoth tooth, found on the seafloor in select locations. Once harvested, the tooth has to dry for 2 years. Every bead is unique in pattern and color. Flanked by sterling silver and frosted black onyx and a sterling clasp. Priced at $395. Available at WILLIAM HENRY – ZURICH CALAVERAS MONEY CLIP This naturally beautiful money clip features a frame in hand-carved sterling silver, inlaid with ring-cut fossil tusk of a Woolly Mammoth, and spinel gemstone. It is machined and polished from tempered stainless steel, with a beautiful engraving cut against the matte-finished background. Priced at $625. Available at MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN – OUD MEN’S COLOGNE Paris-born Francis Kurkdjian is revered as one of the world’s most talented perfumers, creating fragrances for fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Dior, and Jean Paul Gaultier. In 2009, he introduced his own fragrance house, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, and created an alluring collection of scents. The acclaimed perfumer draws inspiration from his hometown of Paris, the City of Light. Oud wood is one of the richest and powerful raw materials. The MFK blends the exotic family of Saffron, elemi gum, oud from Laos, cedar wood from the Atlas mountains, and Indonesian patchouli for a seductive Oriental scent for men. Priced at $300 for 2.4oz. bottle. Available at

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