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SANTODONATO PHOTOGRAPHY For Bookings Contact: 702-824-7822 ____________ BOOKS - SCI-FI Review: Kyle Levy Another novel of things that go bump in the night... This time, this bump could be fatal. Once again, Byron Craft drags us by his tentacles into a masterful mix of ‘Lovecraftian’ science fiction, mystery, fantasy and horror. Craft’s book, “Shoggoth”, continues a tradition of terrifying creatures that we are glad only exist between the pages of this second book in a five-part planned series. As Byron Craft tells us, “A recognized theory exists that over fifty-million years ago a celestial cataclysmic occurrence wiped out every living thing on our planet. This theory may be flawed. Fast-forward to the 21st century. A handful of scientists, allied with the military, discover a massive network of tunnels beneath the Mojave Desert. Below, lies an ancient survivor, waiting . . . and it’s hungry!” Mr. Craft has written a hundred-plus articles for STRIPLV over the years, and has entertained and frightened us, as well, with “The Cry of Cthulhu” and “Cthulhu’s Minions”, two fascinating and spooky books. Now our resident storyteller has brought us the novel, “Shoggoth”, an astonishing, action-packed drama, combining horror with science fiction. Before opening the cover, one may think of it as typical theatre, wherein a deadly menace threatens the Earth and the military steps in with a cadre of scientists to stop the threat. After digesting the first couple of pages you will find yourself plunged into a universe of unexpected twists and turns. The added element here is that the menace is a shoggoth, perhaps the most frightening entity ever created by H. P. Lovecraft, one of the greatest horror writers of the twentieth century. The story takes place at the Naval Weapons Center in the Mojave Desert, an actual research center that is in full operation north of Ridgecrest, California. Beneath the desert sands, within a system of passageways where a military testing project is stationed, a primeval shoggoth in stasis is revived. Before long, the ultimate horror begins a siege of terror on a band of heroic scientists, good and corrupt politicians, and military—and even a touching love interest. The novel is a marvelous achievement, wonderfully realized with characters you care about, heroes you can root for, villains to boo at, and not the least is the terrible omnipresence of the shoggoth itself, gobbling up the hapless humans. This is a read that grabs you by page one and won’t let you go. “Shoggoth”, written by Byron Craft, is available at

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