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ISSUE 1016 PUBLISHER SCOTT P. SANTODONATO EDITOR/ART DIRECTION LAURA MICHAELS PHOTOGRAPHY SCOTT P. SANTODONATO DESIGN SCOTT P. SANTODONATO, LAURA MICHAELS MEDIA SALES KHN ENTERPRISES EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO MR. SANTODONATO ISABELLA ROMERO ACCOUNTING MARION CAPO IT SUPPORT CORPORATE WEB SOLUTIONS CONTRIBUTING WRITERS MARLA SANTOS, DR. JOHN J. PIERCE, VEGAS FOOD NERD, BYRON CRAFT, JACK WELLINGTON, FRANK ARIVESO, SKYE HUNTINGTON, BRITTANY SANTOS, JEFF ALEXANDER, LINCOLN D. CONWAY, HOWARD T. BRODY, BEBE GRANT, THE COMMANDER, MARIA HERRERA, KYLE LEVY, MITCHELL PARRISH, STEVE GREENSTEIN, LAURA MICHAELS, SCOTT P. SANTODONATO STRIPLV Phone: 702.824.7822 l Fax: 877.717.4943 E-mail: MARKETING, ADVERTISING RATES AND INFO E-mail: SUBSCRIBE TO STRIPLV: Make Checks Payable to: STRIPLV 11700 West Charleston Blvd. #170-345, Las Vegas, NV 89135 Send me a one-year Subscription (12-issues of STRIPLV) for just $39.99 Send me a two-year Subscription (24-issues of STRIPLV) for just $69.99 FASTER: Subscribe Online at Contents copyright 2005-2016. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be produced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical without permission in writing. The publisher accepts no responsibility for unsolicited or contributed articles, photographs, artwork or advertisements. All information regarding editorial content is deemed reliable. No representation is made on the accuracy hereof and is printed subject to errors and omissions. LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER The year is winding down, and thankfully with that includes the temperatures here in Las Vegas. I can’t believe the year 2016 is almost over. Back in the day, I produced this record for a local rapper out of Detroit called Mastamind. He was part of a trio of artists that I produced: Esham, TNT, and their group, NATAS. It was his second solo effort, and it was going to get a real push from the label, and he was pretty excited to be recording it. He had a lot of songs that, yeah, they used the “N” word in them—and yes, lots of creative ways to use the word, “fuck.” The album had one reoccurring theme that runs throughout the album, and you can sum it up from one lyric in which he says: “If you knew you were dying tomorrow, would you be doing what you are doing today?” It’s not something revolutionary, mind-blowing, and/or a new idea. But I do think it is the way I try to run this magazine, my family, and life. Ask yourself that question. Would you be doing what you are doing right now? Or is it time to make a change? Life is short, time is a gift, spend it wisely. NATAS member, TNT, (aka Terry Jones), died here in Las Vegas at the young age of 41 back in 2014, in a fatal car accident, which speaks more to my point here. Mastamind is still out there flowing, and if you want to check out the record he and I did together, TheMindzi, you can find it out there on Spotify, and/or you can purchase a copy from our online store. As always, enjoy the issue. S Follow STRIPLV on

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