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A BIG THANK YOU AND A FOND FAREWELL BY VEGAS FOOD NERD Capriotti’s and its amazing menu was created in Wilmington Delaware in 1976. Lois Margolet and her brother Alan opened the first shop in the town’s Little Italy in an old boarded space beneath their apartment building. The shop was named after their grandfather, Philip Capriotti, who loved to cook. They wanted to make a sandwich for real turkey lovers and started roasting whole turkeys overnight to make sandwiches with the next day. Word spread about their fresh roasted turkey, fresh meats, cheeses, and fresh bread. They created the legendary sandwich The Bobbie that let anyone and everyone relive Thanksgiving whenever they want to. The sandwich shop finally hit Las Vegas in 2008. Lois eventually retired to Las Vegas and recently lost her battle with cancer at the age of 68. She and her brother created a food phenomenon that continues to live on. The Capastrami is my go-to order, and I love how the shops still whole roast turkeys to this day, sticking to the authenticity that Lois created back in 1976. She was an innovator and pioneer in the sandwich and franchise industry. The brand that she created is an institution in Delaware, and it has touched countless people across our country. Thank you, Lois, for accomplishing your goal of trying to create “Something Unique,” it truly is. SMOKE YOUR COCKTAIL If you like to entertain and get behind the bar while entertaining friends a sure-fire way (pun intended) to up your bartending game is to start smoking your cocktails. Smoking meats has long been a trend in barbecues, but adding some earthy smokiness to drinks can be not only palate pleasing but also a pretty entertaining way to be a master mixologist at home. You can get fancy gadgets that will help you to try smoking at home like the cool Crafthouse Smoke Box with smoking gun, which sells for around $200 on fancy kitchen sites like Williams and Sonoma, but most mixologists will tell you that while it may look cool gadgets like that are unnecessary. Simply using an old whiskey bottle with a good tight seal will work. You can smoke just about everything from tea leaves, to dried herbs, to wood. Small sticks of applewood work well. Start by trying to smoke an Old Fashioned. Start by lighting the stick on fire with a lighter or using the stovetop and get it burning, blow it out so that the stick starts smoking, and then invert an old whiskey bottle over the smoking stick. Keep the stick under the inverted bottle until it becomes almost opaque with the smoke. Quickly lift it up and seal the smoke in the bottle, then start your drink. Muddle a sugar cube dashed with bitters and then add two ounces of high-quality whiskey and stir it with ice to both cool and dilute the drink. Strain the cocktail directly into the smoke bottle, seal immediately, and shake to infuse the drink with the smoky flavor. The longer you shake it, the smokier it will taste. Prepare a glass with some ice and then uncork your smoky cocktail and pour it over the rocks. The smoke will swirl and dance around the drink as you pour, making for a very dynamic presentation. So add a real element of fire to your firewater and amaze and impress your guests all at the same time. • Follow me at: @vegasfoodnerd

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