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STAR WARS 40TH ANNIVERSARY FIGURES Sci-fi nerds are rejoicing over this new product launch from Hasbro. “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” the first film to bring us our favorite intergalactic characters, opened in theaters 40 years ago on May 25, 1977. Not only did this mark the beginning of the famed Star Wars franchise, but it was also the start of HASBRO’s epic toy lines based on the Star Wars films, leading to decades of product lines for fans and collectors to enjoy throughout each year. Celebrate this iconic moment with new Star Wars action figures, and vintage packaging featuring artwork from the original Star Wars films, and feel the nostalgia when these 40th-anniversary Star Wars toys become available in stores this spring. They are also going to release a Star Wars themed Monopoly board game as well as a new line of light sabers for the die-hard collector. PUP – THE CONNECTED POCKET SCANNER This tiny tech gadget designed in France will revolutionize the way you capture and send documents, photos, and more. It uses a one-touch button capture that will scan and automatically size and crop the image you want to share, and automatically print, email, and or social share it to whereever you want the item sent to. It uses Bluetooth technology and has a long battery life. It’s the office gadget that you didn’t know you wanted. RAZER PROJECT VALERIE The world’s first three-screened laptops. When you use your laptop for doing work, gaming, on-demand screening, one screen doesn’t always cut it. RAZER’S Project Valerie does adds two foldable displays that expand out from the primary screen. Each display is 17 inches diagonal and supports 4K resolution. It is a bit heavy, weighing in at 12 pounds, but the wow factor it brings is worth it. Game on my friends. HALO WARS 2 – TWITTER TRAINING To promote the upcoming “Halo Wars 2” which debuted on February 21 this year on Windows and Xbox One, the companies encouraged fans to train via Twitter in anticipation of the game launching. Users were prompted to engage with Isabel, the main artificial intelligence character in the game and player’s were invited to join via tweets. They were then transported into a training module where they played battle cards against their friends in an escalating three-round war of attacks and encounters. Battle winners scored unique gameplay GIFs and exclusive downloadable content in the form of custom vehicle skin packs to use in the wildly popular video game.

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