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I told Vixen Lawyer to play it by ear and not say anything unless she feels it’s suddenly on the radar of a coworker or a client. The best thing to do is to prove yourself as a kickass attorney, be professional, reliable and indispensable, so if the shit hits the gossip fan, you will have a support system already in place. The work, your behavior, your example, will indeed speak for itself. We had a nice chat, and then when we got off the phone, she sent me photos of herself with her boyfriend on the beach, and yes, she’s as hot and as lovely as ever. I am not daring to say that it’s so easy to cross over. As Lisa Ann once said in an interview on, nothing worth having is ever easy, and it always involves hard work. When you are a performer like Lisa who kept her stage name and used her immense popularity of being the number one porn star in the world to her advantage, you have to take the good with the bad. It’s not that easy to be taken seriously, but Lisa continues to prove herself as a sportscasting dynamo, she works her ass off and turns a deaf ear to smarmy comments about her past vocation, in order to succeed, she has to. Whether her feelings get hurt as a result of being the topic of locker room talk is another story, but she keeps that under wraps, keeps her head held high and marches forward. My comedian client, retired porn star Alia Janine, has taken this struggle to the stage and says, “This is what we look like when we’re not covered in come,” and “I have to tell people what I used to, just like a sex offender.” Of course, being a former porn star has its advantages, it’s a compelling story, to say the least, and it has gotten her plenty of positive press, such as The Huffington Post calling her, “The Funniest Porn Star on Earth.” But I still feel for her. When she goes on stage, and the audience asks, “Are your boobs real?” or when other comedians pull out their phone while she’s on stage and Google her, that’s awkward. Or when radio or podcast hosts pull up her porn during the interview and Alia keeps talking and engaging, while watching and hearing herself fuck. It’s a double-edged sword, what makes you stand out in a crowd is also what keeps you from being taken seriously. But that need for the spotlight and to entertain and succeed eventually overrides her and Lisa’s anxiety in the end. They know they are the real deal and that will keep propelling them forward. As for me, I know when I’ve got it good. I don’t plan on retiring from work, period because working keeps me a well-behaved, model citizen, and as long as there are dreams to be made come true, porn’s fairy godmother will continue to waive her wand and go, “Bibbety, Bobbity, Boo!”

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