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In 1999, Hugh Jackman’s wife advised him not to take on a very taxing comic book character role that he was offered. That’s some advice that she now admits she’s glad he didn’t take. The blockbuster superhero movie franchise has given Jackman a chance to play the conflicted and angry mutant Wolverine a total of nine times. In his latest (and last time) playing this iconic comic legend, the Australian actor is showing a much more vulnerable side to his character. He finds himself falling into a makeshift family of sorts. His mentor and father-like figure in his life, Charles Xavier, is failing and falling into dementia. When they encounter a young girl, who seems to be made of the same DNA as Logan (no longer the superhero Wolverine), Xavier urges him to take care of her, thrusting him into a parental role that he wasn’t prepared to take on. The film is full of action, as fans of the Marvel series will expect, but there is this underlying humanity to all the stunts. Logan’s character has always had a sensitive edge to it, and this movie used that edge to show his true struggle and the way he made sense of it. Hugh Jackman hopes that his loyal fans will enjoy the story as much as he did. The fan interaction is something this accomplished stage and screen thespian has truly embraced on his journey.

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