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I.Con Smart Condom Recently introduced is the world’s first smart condom called I.Com. Though it isn’t actually a smart condom, it’s a lightweight ring that sits over the base of your preferred condom of choice that you can use over and over again. It can track how many calories your burn during sex, how many thrusts you do, the speed of your thrusts, your frequency, and even how many different positions you do while having sex. You can even use your data to see how you stack up to other people having sex around the world. The data it gathers can be shared with a friend or just keep it for yourself. It’s like a Fit Bit for your sex life. Mimic This rechargeable, handheld, waterproof massager is made of a supple silicone in a manta ray-inspired shape. Its ergonomic shape fits so comfortably against the body, making it an ideal addition to your bedroom toys for its versatility between so many different pleasure inducing positions. It comes equipped with a travel lock, and eight stunning vibration patterns and an LED glow for when the lights go down. The sounds of the vibrations are low and perfectly discreet, and the device is USB rechargeable.

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