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the first hour or working with him, that he’s one of the, you know, I see, that’s why you’re one of the biggest, most celebrated football players. There was a work ethic and determination; he wasn’t just there to have a laugh. He was determined; he was serious about doing a good job. He’d been working with an acting coach and been taking it so seriously. It speaks volumes to his work ethic. I got a taste of what his whole career has been about, relentless practice and hard work and that’s how he got to the place where he is. STRIPlV: Did you find yourself awestruck around him? HUNNAM: For me, he didn’t have the epic aura about him because I’m not, and have never been a football man. I’d never, yeah even now, I’ve never seen him play football, obviously, I’m acutely aware of who he was, everyone knows who he is, and he has that star power about him, you can’t deny it. I wasn’t dumbstruck the way others were on set. You know the film crew, in particular; they’re these butch manly men, the sparks, the gaffers, the electricians all those boys, these hairy, bulky men all turned into 15 year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert because Beckham was on set. I was like, pull yourselves together. STRIPLV: You got physically ripped for this movie. You’ve always been in great shape, but how did you get so big and bulked up for this role? HUNNAM: I was just trying to keep up with all these burly, beefy guys around me. They were literally everywhere; I couldn’t let the side down, I was fucking Arthur. So I turned it up, got up to about 180 and that is not easy to carry around.  STRIPLV: You look like you‘re doing ok with it? HUNNAM: I’m way smaller now, and I’m happy for it to go that way. I’m a naturally very slim, skinny guy; I’m nothing like a lot of the characters, particularly ones of recent that I’ve played, Physically, I’m so far removed. The next role I did after Arthur for Lost City of Z, I dropped down maybe 40 pounds. That’s getting closer to who I really am. And I like that; I feel comfortable at that level. Not this freakish, abbed up, gym dude.  STRIPLV: It’s been three, four years since Fifty Shades, how do you look back at that time and what do you think you’ve learned? HUNNAM: What have I learned from it? Ooh, I don’t know, if I learned anything. Maybe I’m not that enlightened a person. So when I think back on all that, I don’t know what to think. You know, decisions are very very difficult to make for everybody. I know I really struggle with indecisiveness. We have this abundance of choice in modern society, and I think that it has a tendency to create a lot of misery. The paradox of choice, you think on the surface, an abundance of choice is an incredibly positive thing, but actually, it creates a lot of discontent. If you do this, what if you don’t do that, you make one decision, but you have all these other things hanging out from there. I am in a position, by far and away, the best position I’ve ever been in my career regarding the opportunities that are being given to me. But I feel more neurotic now than I ever have, because of all these fucking decisions I have to make all the time. There are now stakes to what decisions I make. Fuck that; they’re shouldn’t be. I can’t handle that in my life. It’s only our perception I guess, I hope. Sometimes you think, fuck, I should have done that. I am very labored in my decision-making process, but once the decision is made I force myself never to look back. STRIPLV: Have you seen either of the (Fifty Shades of Grey) the movies? HUNNAM: Haven’t seen them. STRIPLV: Did you do that intentionally? HUNNAM: Yeah, so I wouldn’t have to have an opinion when people ask me in situations like this. Yeah, I stay away. STRIPLV: Do you have any regrets at all?  HUNNAM: I have no regrets, really I don’t. I try not to. You know, this will sound so high flatulent and wanky, But I really try to force myself to live in the present and not project happiness and perceived happiness on the past or future events. Certainly, I don’t look backward in any of my current happiness as a result of current decisions made. I always think ultimately, I genuinely feel everything happens for a reason and I put a lot of stock on that. I do. You know, I got to know Dakota kind of a little bit and grew to like her enormously, and I got to know Sam the director, very well, made good friends with her. I am just really just delighted that it’s been so successful for them, and so very helpful both to their careers. But I didn’t feel any sort of sting or anything. STRIPLV: Sons of Anarchy. Will you be making an appearance in any future projects? HUNNAM: Probably not, being deceased and all (laughs). I know it’s TV land, but it’s not JR Ewing here, death means death. STRIPLV: But there’s the prequel show is there now! HUNNAM: There is (laughs)? STRIPLV: So you could show up in that? HUNNAM: Again, I don’t know because it’s based more around the Mayans than the Sons, and they’re planning to place it in the fifties and sixties so yeah, I don’t know how I’d fit in there. I’m pretty sure I’m done. Moving onto new pastures. This is looking at the origin of motorcycle culture, the genesis of outlaws, it’s going to be pretty cool.

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