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going to take these opportunities with both hands. And while they may be in the action genre, there’s huge variations and sub-genres. XXX has a very extreme sports element to it, while John Wick is very underworld, assassin-centric, very dark and stylized and when you get the chance to work with Keanu Reeves, hell yes! Then Resident Evil, I grew up on these movies, and I’m so drawn to that dystopian, apocalyptic environment. And this was the last one, so who would say no to that? Mila Jovovich, she is the queen of action. But, and there’s a but, I am also conscious of the fact that I don’t want to be pigeonholed, especially this early on because I’m only a newbie really and that wouldn’t make sense. After doing Orange, I want to do more drama, but then I also want to do a comedy. I want to experience as many genres as I can because I want to show that there’s more to me than guns and tattoos and stunts. Don’t get me wrong; I am incredibly fortunate to be getting these chances. Chances I would have killed for when I was lying on my deflated Target blow-up mattress, dreaming of any job. And I hold on to that mentality to a certain extent, that I can’t say no to a job or an offer. I just think that’s so ungrateful to those who would give them left arm for a chance like that. I just have to be considerate in what I do next. SANTOS: Do you find you’re just getting the bad ass tattooed action roles offered your way? ROSE: Yeah, for the most part. I think it’s like when you’ve done something that’s been received well. After I did Orange, I got offered three different Stella’s, and I’ve got a lot more to give as an actor than repeat what I’ve done before over and over. That’s not me; I don’t like to repeat the same day if I can help it. SANTOS: You’re a role model for so many, as an actor in Hollywood from the LGBTQ community. How do you think of the current representation in the mainstream media? ROSE: It’s very gratifying and mind-blowing that I get to be part of what I see right now, a movement in society, bolstered and motivated by the media and popular culture. There’s a constant conversation about gay, lesbian, trans, gender fluidity and so much of that has come from shows like Orange and Transparent and what Laverne (Cox) and Caitlyn Jenner have achieved. And to be part of that or to contribute in any small way, to this wave is so very special. We’re watching more and more characters, realistic characters, most importantly, from the community portrayed on screen in mainstream media and for young kids out there watching, that is extraordinary and has an incredibly positive impact.

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