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Populele Learning to play chords is a tedious chore but this new tech gadget is hoping to make it more fun and in just minutes. This real Ukulele has a 72-LED smart fretboard, and it connects with a Bluetooth app, which teaches users how to play their favorite songs. It gives the user a quick and fun way to start learning. Using in-app games, and light-guided playing, it is a hybrid of craftsmanship, tech, and fun. Torq Bar This is like the iPhone of desk toys. If you have problems with fidgeting, nail biting, or have some nervous energy while sitting at your desk, this premium hand spinner might be next on your wish list. It has a high price tag with units starting at $149, but testers report that it is a pleasant experience to use these spinners. They are sleek looking and will keep fidgeting at bay. You can flip them back and forth, or let it go into a full hypnotic helicopter spin. You’d want to spin it the same way you want to bit your nails, or mindlessly clicking a pen over and over.

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