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The Eclipse 550 Jet The Eclipse 550 allows you to live the jet life. Travel in style, build your business, live your life. The Dual Avio Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS) on the Eclipse 550 is an incredibly advanced system whose purpose is simple: make piloting the Eclipse Jet safe and easy. Eclipse Aerospace pioneered the use of friction stir welding (FSW) in aircraft structures, using it extensively in the primary structure of the Eclipse Jet since receiving FAA approval in 2002. The resulting airframe structures are stronger and lighter than those built using traditional processes. This is one of the key processes that allows the Eclipse Jet to be the most fuel-efficient twin-engine jet on the planet. The Anti-Skid Brake system in the Eclipse 550 allows for maximum braking energy and skid control. Testing has shown the Anti-Skid Braking system to stop an aircraft at normal landing speeds in approximately 700 feet. The fact that this system is electronically controlled translates into savings in both operational costs and overall aircraft weight when compared to other systems. Prices starting at just $1,350,000.00, available at Kaptain Sunshine This T-shirt is designed to make you look like you’ve been hitting the gym, by bringing attention to your chest with a stripe and tailored with a naturally thinning design. TAG HEUER CONNECTED MODULAR 45 50 M - 45 mm with brown calfskin strap with black mat ceramic bezel $2,200, available at

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