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Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s 3-in-1 STYLER Gillette has really thought about this pubic hair razor properly. The tool is very slim, extremely ergonomic and quite lightweight. It’s more maneuverable than many pube shavers on the market. Of course, what really matters is how the blades perform. With trademark Braun technology, the precision edging steel blades will take care of your groin area impeccably. The cuts are smooth, even and extremely gentle on the skin. If you use the combs, you’ll be using this as a pubic hair trimmer. Picking a naked blade will cut closer, but be careful as the blades are quite sharp. You’ll see a green strip on your Fusion ProGlide razor for pubic area. This is the lubricating strip and when it turns white, it’s time to change the blade. The timeframe depends on how thick your hair is and how often you trim your private parts. This Gillette pubic hair razor can be used for wet shaving. Just grab the genital trimmer and get to work while you’re having a shower. Also, ProGlide Styler runs on 2 AA batteries. They should last you anywhere from a month to two months. $23.88 available at MAGNESIUM FIRE STARTER Prehistoric cavemen were able to make fire without matches or a lighter. Can you? If you’ve ever tried starting a fire while out camping, you know that it’s harder than it looks. With a little help, you too can start a roaring fire. With this magnesium fire starter, you’ll be able to kick start a fire like a pro. Impress your friends and be the man of the hour. $5.25 available at

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