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The 25th Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO will be held from August 27–30 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Presented by ED Publications, the tradeshow previously known as the Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO, showcases companies that offer products and services to club owners and operators. The three-day event also features: a full slate of workshops and panel sessions, nightly parties, feature entertainer showcases, a national board meeting for ACE (the Association of Club Executives); and the Annual Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show better known as (The ED’s Awards), which is the only national awards show for this industry. The very first convention was held at the old Stardust Hotel and Casino in 1993, and today the EXPO remains the only national conference and awards show for the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry. Keeping one’s finger on the pulse of an industry as exciting and diverse as this one is no easy task. But somebody’s got to do it, and for a quarter of a century, nobody has done it better than the ED Publications team. STRIPLV recently spoke with Dave Manack, the associate publisher and editor of ED Publications and the organizer of the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO, about how ED got started, how the club industry has changed over the years, how the convention has evolved since its first year and what he thinks might be in store for adult night clubs in the near future. STRIPLV: How many people work on the magazine each month? MANACK: We’re a small company. There are only eight people in the office here at ED Publications. Regarding the people that work on the magazines, we have two in editorial (myself and my assistant editor, Eugenio Torrens), one in graphics (Sara Carter), and two in marketing/sales (Lacy Empkey and Kristofer Kay). STRIPLV: So, what were you and publisher Don Waitt doing before you got into the publishing business? MANACK: Don has a long history as a journalist. He was a staff reporter for The Times, a daily newspaper in Shreveport, Louisiana. He then became the publisher of Performance magazine, a national business-to-business trade magazine for the concert touring industry. Don started ED – Exotic Dancer – Publications in 1991, while he still worked for Performance. I began my career as a journalist when I was 18. While I was getting my bachelor’s degree in journalism from Southern Connecticut State University, I worked as a sports writer for the Register-Citizen, a daily newspaper in Northwest Connecticut. I also worked as a freelance music journalist and wrote for national and local music magazines across the country. I was hired at ED Publications in 1998. STRIPLV: Just how did the idea of the magazine come about? MANACK: Don was always on the road for work, and when he went into new cities he had no idea how to find strip clubs. Keep in mind, this was the 1980s. The proverbial light bulb went off. There is a need for a “yellow pages” for strip clubs. He started the exhaustive work of finding every adult nightclub in the U.S. as he prepared the first-ever Exotic Dancer Directory, which attempted to list every adult club in the U.S. That publication came out in 1991. Our bi-monthly business magazine – which only goes to the owners and operators of adult nightclubs and industry pros, and does not go to consumers – wasn’t established until 1996. At that time, it was quarterly; it became bi-monthly in 2000. It was called the Club Bulletin but is now called ED Magazine. We just made that name change in our May 2017 issue. Our magazine is designed to give club owners and operators the information and tips they need to operate their establishments more efficiently, more safely and more profitably. STRIPLV: Was the magazine well received in the beginning or was there push back? MANACK: It was just a directory of clubs at the time, so there really was no push back. But it was extremely well received, and thousands of copies were purchased

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