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12 - STRIPLVSTYLE The Shelby Cobra competition is producing the highly anticipated 427 Shelby Cobra, and we review a cool Michael Kors smartwatch and Koio Capri Bianco canvas sneakers in this month’s style section. 14 - STRIPLVHEALTH Dr. Pierce’s column on preventative medicine and his suggestions for a healthy lifestyle going into 2018. 16 - VEGAS HAPPENINGS Crazy Girls celebrating their 30-year anniversary, J-Lo returns to The Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood, and iHeart Radio Music Festival invades Las Vegas. 18 - STRIPLVDINING Vegas Food Nerd goes off the Strip and reviews a couple of great mom and pop breakfast joints, Nanny’s Cafe and Mr. Mamas. 20 – FAN-PEI - IVY LEAGUE Yale University graduate Fan-Pei graces the pages of STRIPLV Magazine for the very first time in an erotic milk bath showcasing her ethnicity, beautiful mind and flawless natural assets. 28 - ZOE SALDANA - MIDAS TOUCH Zoe Saldana has the Midas touch. With Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar and Star Trek, she’s part of the biggest sci-fi franchises known to
 man. Where Zoe Saldana goes, big returns follow. But now a married mom of three young boys, the actress is beginning to question her intergalactic leanings. 32 - SEXCATION - DESTINATION SEX: GETTING LUCKY IN THE U.S.A. There are plenty of places right here in the good old U.S.A. So, go online to your favorite travel website or open your Google maps if you want to take a drive and get ready to visit these six sex-crazed cities for a truly hedonistic experience. 36 - LABOR DAY The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City, in accordance with the plans of the Central Labor Union. 38 - INSTAGRAM CRUSH 0917 10 smoking girls get our Insta-Crush this month.

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