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It turns out I wasn’t going crazy. There are only three floors. Some of the clubs on the fourth floor are two stories, hence the fourth floor interpretation, but in actuality, it’s only three floors. We checked them out, but they were dead (15 girls or less), so we skip them and move on to another. The last club on the third floor looked familiar somehow, but by this time, the three cups of coffee (Stop, they were small cups, equal to one medium Starbucks) was causing a diuretic effect and it was time to drain the vein in the closest bathroom. I walk in, unzipped my fly, pull it out and breathe a sigh of relief. Before I could even close the tap, a girl came up to me screaming, “Hello! Hello!” jumps into my arms and starts kissing me passionately. Apparently, she was my buddy’s girl from the other night and had recognized me.   I’m sorry, I forgot to explain about the bathroom. Bathrooms in Thailand clubs are unisex. Urinals are on the walls leading up to the toilets. And the sinks are on the opposite walls with mirrors. So the girls can fully see the guys urinate while they wash their hands. While this may not be the ideal solution for sanitary settings, it does save on room, since these clubs are quite small. I brought her out and show my buddy who I found in the bathroom. I wasn’t ready to pull her out quite yet, since we were on a scouting expedition, so I told her that I’d be back later to get her. However, if someone else wanted her, she should go with them, and I wouldn’t be upset. So then we were back down to the second floor where we started but on the opposite side. The next club, by far, on this side, is Rainbow 4, and since it was the only club we hadn’t been to that night, it was our last choice. However, there was a big problem. Since this was the club where I pulled out girls from the previous nights, there was no question that I would be recognized by everyone once we walked in. Since our objective for the night was to find new talent, this presented a real problem. I was worried that the previous night’s conquest would be all over me, hindering my objective. So we snuck in, keeping our heads low, heading over to the back wall opposite from our normal seating area. Of course, being far back, we couldn’t see shit! Kinda defeated the purpose, don’t you think? I spotted this girl, a Kim Kardashian wannabe, who was on stage with the other sardines, swaying to and fro, with the worst attitude I have ever seen. She looked miserable as if the monthly monster has arrived for a visit and had been kidnapped by a rich Arab sheik against her will (think of that scene in Taken). I just had to have her! I walked up to her, gave her 100 baht, and asked her to join us. She took the money, but brushed off my advances, instead sitting on a stool in the back by the bar. Maybe this was Kim Kardashian? I told the house mom to bring her over. She reluctantly says hello and tells me that she can’t leave and once again blows me off. No wonder why I never liked that show. As we leave the club with the three girls in tow, wait a damn minute! I forgot to tell you about the other two girls that I picked up. Let me back up. Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, the Kardashian thing. So I sat there after being brushed off by her, my buddy’s girl tells me to get up off my ass and start looking for a new girl or two. I think that’s what she said, after all, she was talking to me in Thai. She grabbed my hand and dragged me around the bar several times until she stopped in front of a girl who she believed was right for me. While she was a stripper, this girl looked more like a librarian and the idea of doing a librarian got me excited. Unfortunately, there was this wild, exotic girl next to her that I had to have as well, so being the pig that I am, I took them both. We returned to my hotel and decided to hit it up big since it was my last night in town. We all headed up to my room and I realized that there was no way that I would have enough bath towels for five people, and room service being very poor at night (this is not a typical Vegas style hotel, it is a managed apartment condo), I decided to swing upstairs to the gym (where they always have plenty of towels) and grab some for the room. Wouldn’t you know it, NO TOWELS the night when I need them! When I returned, my buddy’s girl is in tears and I’m wondering what he did in such a short period of time to hurt her. Apparently, she thought it was going to be some type of orgy (why not?) but she was only interested in doing him. So he says, “No problem,” and they picked up their stuff and head back over to her place. I gave her two lollipops to take with her, which seemed to brighten up her mood (girls always like lollipops, don’t ask me why, but they do). Ok, so here I am with two hotties: the wild child and the Librarian. Now, just in case you think you know what’s going on, guess again. After spending many, many years going to the library, I can honestly say that Librarians are the wildest women in bed that I have ever had. I think that it has something to do with their being so quiet and demure, that when they have a chance to let down their hair, watch out! I could go on and on and on about the sex we had that night, but if you would take the time to the read the Kama Sutra, well, that’s what we did, only not in that order! four hours later, they kissed me, leave, head out, while I’m just about to pass out. I get a good solid two hours of sleep, and then it was down to breakfast, check out, and travel to Pattaya for the next leg of my trip.

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