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40 - REENA SKY - KIND HEART Beautiful inside and out our girl Reena graces the cover of STRIPLV for the second time bringing us a smorgasbord of looks, feels and energy. 52 - THE DARK TOWER - INTERVIEW WITH IDRIS ELBA AND MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY The Dark Tower is the first film adaptation of the wildly popular eight book series of prolific author Stephen King. It had been shopped to many studios for many years, and now with Ron Howard championing the project, the movie is now a reality. 56 - STRIPLVTRENDING Take a look at what trending in September 2017 from Tony Robbins to the Cryo Innovations Recovery XR. 58 - 5 IN FIVE WITH ORLANDO BLOOM Five questions in five minutes with epic movie star Orlando Bloom about his new film Unlocked with Noomi Rapace and Michael Douglas. 60 – THE DIRTY MARTINI Mix one of our favorites: the Dirty Martini. Here’s the recipe for the classic. 62 – JEANIE MARIE - COLORS Bathed in color and not much else, photographer Santodonato explores the inner workings of model Jeanie Marie and exposes the glory that she truly is. 72 - SEXCATION - DESTINATION SEX: BANGKOK STRIPLV Magazine contributor The Commander takes on a journey and far, far away to Bangkok, Thailand and journals his sex adventure in the city prostitution, brothels and sex tourism.

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