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yourself?” I sounded just like my Mom after the time I called her up after an office Christmas Party drunk out of my mind yelling, “I’m home! I’m home!” But these silly little incidents aside, I’ve always been in awe of my girls. They are independent, young ladies who make their own money and are completely in charge of their own lives. They make their own life decisions; they travel the world, they mingle with all kinds of people, they go to places and experience things that the average 20-year-old could only dream of. While most women their ages are living with their parents or living off the grace of their parents, these ladies are self-made and self-reliant. They are shrewd women who are planning their futures, some going to school part-time, others working towards owning their own businesses and many of them have started their own production companies. They negotiate contracts with seasoned business people, and they get what they want. These women don’t just talk about being feminists; they are the very example of what a feminist is. They are living the life that their peers only read about. I myself could never have handled the lives they lead at their age, and I am moved by their accomplishments. Whenever I’m around college-aged civilian women, I am struck by how much younger and dumber they seem compared to my girls. They are young adults living in a very adult world that is beyond their years. When you really think about it, you’d have to admit, it’s pretty fucking impressive, and this Porn Mom couldn’t be any prouder of them.

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