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54 - STRIPLVTRENDING Take a look at what trending in October 2017 from The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism exhibit to the new Apple series three watch. 56 - JASON MOMOA - BUSTING OUT Striplv got the chance to interview this next-in-line big-time action star, and ask him about how it all feels, and what it was like working with Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey in Bad Batch, which came out this past summer, and how it feels to be starring as Aquaman. 60 - INSTAGRAM CRUSH 1017 Ten smoking girls get our Insta-Crush this month. Featuring Madison Beer, Taylor Hill and more. 62 – VIVIAN - EMPTY ROAD Desert angel Vivian bathed in the golden light that they call the magic hour is natural, bold, beautiful and strong. View her in this spectacular photo spread featured exclusively in STRIPLV Magazine. 70 – “I AM PORN MAMMA” Striplv columnist Lainie Speiser examines why she is considered the porn mommy of the industry, mothering aspiring models and pornstars. 72 - THE CLASSIC BLOODY MARY Mix one of our favorites: The Classic Bloody Mary. Here’s the recipe for the trusty hangover cure. 74 - #TBT A throwback to 2007 and the IFO - Fireworks in the Cage Afterparty. It seems like just yesterday, but it was 10 years ago this month.

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