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LIZABETH OLSEN - NEUROSIS By Skye Huntington Even at the tender age of 28, Elizabeth Olsen believes her neurosis is only getting worse as she gets older. "I'm getting a lot more fear based as I age," she tells me. "I worry about that stuff. I'm becoming increasingly fearful." While referring to her physical safety, it seems at odds with the fearless performer. From her unforgettable breakthrough as a cult escapee in Martha Marcy May Marlene to her fan-favorite turn as the Scarlett Witch in the Avengers, Olsen strikes me as an actor who's willing to do it all and risk it all. It's hard to know if a comment like this is meant to deflect from who she really is. And perhaps the star is eager to maintain the mystery. In conversation, Olsen is polished and precise. Offering considered responses; her reserve comes from a lifetime of experience watching her mogul twin sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley navigate the choppy waters of superstardom. Said siblings are off-topic today – a standard request when speaking with the actress - who by now, has probably overshadowed their notoriety anyway. Instead, she's speaking about her latest role in Taylor Sheridan's frozen noir, Wind River. Showcasing her ever-burgeoning skill as a gifted, chameleonic performer, Elizabeth is Jane Banner, a rookie FBI agent assigned to a perplexing murder case on a snow-capped Native Indian reservation. Ill-equipped and unprepared, she drafts the help of tracker, Cory Lambert [Jeremy Renner] in order to trap the killer. But as she digs deeper and inches closer to the truth, an even greater horror begins to emerge. Signaling the beginning of a new mature phase in her career, Olsen is typically peppy as she waxes lyrical the attractions to the role and why she's always enticed to play damaged characters. The star also chats about nearly meeting her end in the frozen conditions, why famous friendships are near impossible to keep and why she had an epiphany when it came to social media. Olsen lives in LA.

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