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t’s the elephant in the room. Publicists at movie junkets the world over are working overtime to make sure the talent aren’t quizzed about the accusations surrounding producer, Harvey Weinstein. Understandably, they don’t want their clients put into an awkward position, considering all of Hollywood has worked with him at some point or another. But when I tentatively bring it up with Chris Hemsworth, he delivers a very considered, thoughtful response though you can tell the Australian actor wants to tread lightly on the subject. Everyone does. “It’s awful, it’s awful. It’s so terrible,” he says. “My heart goes out to the women affected, and I have huge admiration for the bravery and courage. And hopefully the truth will stop anything like that happening again, that’s my hope.” It’s a classy, poignant statement from the Melbourne superstar who’s easily surpassed Tom Hanks and Hugh Jackman as the nicest man in Hollywood. Refreshingly unaffected by the spoils of the industry, the ludicrously handsome 34-year-old remains open and frank during his promotional duties, always up for a joke, always self-deprecating. And today, publicizing his latest outing as Norse god Thor, is no different. Throughout our chat, the star touches base on hair loss, flashing the flesh and keeping the spark in his marriage to Spanish siren, Elsa Pataky. He outs Avengers co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans as rampant divas and brands Wonder Woman his favorite superhero. He talks kids and parenting, trying to keep a balance and even reveals his anxieties over departing the Marvel universe, whenever that may be. It’s like catching up with an old friend who just happens to be playing the newly shorn King of Asgard who finds himself in hot water when faced against the Goddess of Death Hela (played with wicked genius by Cate Blanchett). He chats about his fears working with Blanchett and why shooting in Australia meant the world to him. It’s not enough that Chris Hemsworth is one of Hollywood’s most handsome leading men - he also has to have the best body this side of Dwayne Johnson. This autumn, the 33-year-old Hemsworth returned to action for the fifth time as Thor, the Avengers’ Norse God, arguably the most popular characters in the billion-dollar Marvel Comic universe. This time out, Thor has seen his blonde locks chopped off and been stripped of his mighty hammer while imprisoned on the other side of the universe. This pits him in a race against time to return to Asgard and stop the ruthless Hela (Cate Blanchett, in her Marvel debut), the Goddess of Evil, from bringing about Ragnarok – the destruction of his planet and the Asgardian civilization. Along the way, he must engage in a terrific gladiatorial combat against former Avenger’s ally, the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). “A lot of us thought that we needed to push things in a new direction,” Hemsworth says. “So I called up Taika and told him we have got to do something to make (the new Thor film) look different. The first idea I pitched was where we shaved the locks off. So we cut Thor’s hair and made him look more gladiatorial.” “I was getting sick of myself playing Thor as a stoic, true blue superhero.” So when it came to shooting Thor: Ragnarok, the Australian heartthrob’s fifth time in the guise of the noble Norse God, he and director Taika Waititi set out to make Thor less predictable and more outgoing. “The first (Thor) film we made was hugely exciting and amazing, and we built the character from that point onwards,” Hemsworth says. “I did a few more after that, and it was all a lot of fun. I just became a little sick with myself, and what I was doing and the character became too familiar. I felt I had built these walls up, what the expectations about this character were and what he could and couldn’t do. So on this film, we just broke the mold and threw anything that was familiar out the window and tried something different. It’s quite hard to play a stoic and stern still hero, especially because that’s not so much my nature and now he’s becoming a little looser and closer to who I am. There is a much more unpredictable tone and quality to Thor’s world now, and it’s more fun.” Meanwhile, Hemsworth embarked on yet another six-month-long extreme training programme with the help of his personal fitness coach, Luke Zocchi, whom Chris describes as “the world’s best trainer.” Zocchi and the 6’3” Hemsworth have developed an awe-inspiring regimen that combines cardio, strength, and resistance exercises to help Chris achieve his superhero-like physique. According to Hemsworth, it’s all a matter of putting in the time and having the discipline to stick to it: “I try to mix things up as much as I can. I do a lot of boxing, surfing and lots of protein and weights.” The routine that Hemsworth follows, some of which he has revealed on YouTube, amounts to a staggering high-intensity training session that begins with barbell curls, intense cycling, and powerful resistance work involving bungees. From there they move on to an intricate series of choreographed core routines designed to build massive pecs and sculpted abs. The star lives in Byron Bay Australia with his wife Elsa Pataky and their three kids, India who is 5, and twins, Sasha and Tristan who are both 3.

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