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HEMSWORTH: It’s much more fun being able to eat a lot and gaining muscle mass instead of living on 500 calories a day which I did for Heart of the Sea. When I had to lose that weight, I was subsisting on big salads and soup every day, and I was craving food all the time. It was very tough mentally more than anything else. STRIPLV: When you’re working out for several months to getting ready for a film like Thor, does it ever get monotonous? HEMSWORTH: You get tired of eating the same food and doing the same routines every day, so you need to be tough mentally. Those are the times when I stop and think, “Hang on; my job is essentially going to the gym, then I realize actually it’s not so bad.” STRIPLV: Do you think about life and career after Thor? HEMSWORTH: I do, of course, I do. I have anxieties about that. I know I’m on a trajectory that could easily veer badly off course. Those niggles are in the back of my mind undoubtedly. I’m not preparing, but I’m probably quietly bracing myself for it. STRIPLV: Do you think you’ll move in a completely different direction? HEMSWORTH: I need to take more risks, real dangerous risks, you’ve got to be smart in this industry, but you also have to feed the soul, give it the dopamine it needs. I do want to take huge risks; I want to be terrified and scared. STRIPLV: How do you and your wife Elsa manage with three children to look after and your busy schedule? HEMSWORTH: Elsa doesn’t give me any special treatment when it comes to household chores. I’m expected to pitch in and watch the kids and do the dishes, and I actually enjoy that, at least the part about looking after the kids. STRIPLV: Does your wife still speak Spanish in the house? HEMSWORTH: She speaks Spanish to our kids, and everyone’s fluent in Spanish in the house except for me! I’ve always been meaning to learn the language, but I’ve never managed to do it. My kids love speaking Spanish, though, and I’m happy that they will grow up able to speak both English and Spanish. STRIPLV: Has moving back to Australia been an important step for your family? HEMSWORTH: I think there’s something very unique and beautiful about Australia and I wanted our children to get to know that, and I’m glad that Elsa has been very supportive of that. I hope our children will grow up with the same kind of close spirit that my brothers and I grew up with. My father was surfing and played ball with us, and our mother was always there keeping us in line, too. My parents encouraged us to do what we wanted without ever trying to control us. STRIPLV: Does Elsa ever speak to you in Spanish? HEMSWORTH: No, she speaks to me in English, unless she loses her temper! (Laughs)

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