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12 - STRIPLVSTYLE STRIPLVSTYLE this month features the 2018 Cadillac Escalade, and it is one beautiful SUV. Wonderfully refined, with extraordinary comforts and an all-new 10-speed transmission let you command every mile. Also featured is photographer Mary McCartney who is applying her art in a new medium through her scarf collection with MatchesFashion. 14 - STRIPLVHEALTH Myers’ Cocktail–IV Nutrient Therapy is a combination of vitamins and electrolytes given intravenously in high therapeutic doses. 16 - VEGASHAPPENINGS Jamey Johnson performs Friday, December 15 at 10 p.m. at The Golden Nugget, and Bruno Mars performs Saturday and Sunday, December 30 and 31 at 9 p.m. at The Park Theater at Monte Carlo. 18 – STRIPLVDINING A holiday gift guide for your favorite foodie, Vegas Food Nerd shares some food nerd tips on some gift-worthy adventures that you could share with someone who likes to eat. 20 - RAYLIN JOY - SEARCHING FOR Ebony beauty Raylin Joy exposed as we’re searching for her soul and passion in this stripped down pictorial shot in color and black and white. 30 - CHRIS HEMSWORTH - UNAFFECTED It’s not enough that Chris Hemsworth is one of Hollywood’s most handsome leading men, the 34-year-old Hemsworth has returned to action for the fifth time as Thor, the Avengers’ Norse God, arguably the most popular characters in the billion-dollar Marvel Comic universe. 38 - CHRISTMAS IN VEGAS Las Vegas is a thrilling, unique place to spend time during the Christmas holiday season. These are some surefire ways to enjoy the holiday season in Vegas, along with some intriguing gift ideas. 40 - HEATHER VAHN - SPIRIT Heather is a calming and gentle soul with a spirit so large that we can almost feel it days prior to shooting. She brings a positivity and selflessness to all our shoots, and we love her for it and will have her back again and again and again.

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