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and couldn’t wait to see my other bush. I swear his face looked like a disappointed kid who was told that trip to Disneyland was canceled. “Ah man, that’s a shame,” he said, and then asked me if I would consider growing it out. And I don’t mean a little, I mean he wanted the whole retro-bush experience. “I just find it so sexy and so womanly, and you’re so feminine I think this would place you as a perfect 10,” he said. I’ve never been called a perfect 10 so he sold me and I sold out. The women who are bald and reading this might be clutching their smooth crotches with fear from reading this. And yes, I was scared too. I hadn’t seen my pubes in well over ten years, I had no idea what this was going to look like, but I knew right away what it would feel like: Itchy, itchy and more itchy! I would wake up in the middle of the night scratching myself, it was that bad. But my handsome newscaster man was very encouraging. “This is only temporary, in a week it will pass.” And weekly he would go straight to my panties to check on “Little Red’s” progress. This guy was a stickler. He didn’t even want me to shave my bikini area. Having seen an episode of Sex and the City where Samantha Jones grows out her hair for her boyfriend only to be horrified by a gray hair, I knew that was a realistic fear. But to my delight not only did I see no gray hair but noticed my hair was actually a nice, natural red, if only my head hair faired so well I wouldn’t have to color it. The bush lasted as long the relationship did, about three months, my usual at the time. I made a booty call, as was my usual practice at the time and when he pulled down my panties and saw the forest primeval I had going on, his face looked sad and a little scared. “Huh, this is new,” he said. I explained why I was like this and he said, “That settles it then, let’s get you shaved! You need to move on from this breakup!” But who was he kidding, he didn’t give a shit about my moving on, he just wanted to get the Barbie Doll pussy he so enjoyed. I let him shave me, it was a hot experience that we both enjoyed. And I stayed this way for a few more years until I met my husband who the morning after our first sleepover said, “Could you do me a favor and grow some hair down there, it made me a little uncomfortable.” I found this cheeky— we just had sex for the first time and he was already making demands? He had quite the Burt Reynolds bush going on for such an otherwise hairless man. “I’ll grow if you trim,” I bargained. He shook his head and said not going to happen, “That’s gay,” he said. While I don’t think it’s gay to manscape at all, I do recall one man who was completely shaved and he must have done it right before he came over because there was some rashy irritation going on. It was a turn off to say the least. “Look I’m not asking for a big bush, I’m just asking for a little hair. You’re a woman, not a little girl,” my husband to be said. So back I am to the flame. I went totally full circle with my genital grooming. In fact, I’d say my crotch has gone through more different styles than the hair on my head has. While I don’t think a bald pussy makes a woman look like a little girl, I do think it’s good to change things up. If getting a haircut or a new color makes you feel good, why not give your pubic hair the same kind of treatment? It grows back much faster than your head hair and it can spice things up in the bedroom, in the way when you changed the color or style of your hair it makes your man excited because he feels like he’s with another lady, but he’s not and it’s not cheating. Making your vagina fresh and new should do the same thing. I say change it up, grow it out, look through STRIPLV pages and get inspired, choose a style, watch it grow, keep a pubic diary with selfies on your day to day progress, and if you’re feeling really raunchy post them on Twitter or Snapchat. While the public wars will continue to go on and on, there will always be opposing views, but remember it’s only hair. Just be careful when you’re dying or bleaching down there, Marilyn Monroe always did and she spent many an evening alone with an ice pack pressed against her billion dollar bush. • Bush Top - Avi Love • Bush Middle - Jeanie Marie • Bush Buttom - Sasha Heart

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