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ADAM DRIVER - THE FORCE By Skye Huntington This Indiana boy is taking on the Star Wars franchise again with The Last Jedi. Ironically, the role that shot Driver to star status was one that he almost turned down. The HBO series Girls created by Lena Dunham, was what got him noticed in Hollywood, but at the time he thought TV was death and almost passed on the role. Luckily, he reconsidered and is now part of one of the most beloved movie series in cinema. Notoriously humble, he credits his marine core training in helping him to stay grounded. Adam was just about to go on his first tour of duty with the Marines when an injury forced him out of the service. This was a big blow to him, but after dusting himself off he turned back to the acting he enjoyed while in high school, and ended up graduating from the illustrious Julliard. STRIPLV got the chance to sit down with Adam for just a few minutes to ask him about the latest Star Wars feature, what it was like working with Mark Hamil, and what it was like to step back into the character of Kylo Ren.

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