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PORN STAR, MAY I? MISS LAINIE MANNERS CRASH COURSE IN TREATING PORN STARS By Lainie Speiser I got into a big fight with an old pal from the industry on Facebook yesterday in reaction to my posting Rolling Stone Magazine’s profile on Ron Jeremy and the sexual harassment allegations. I knew this Facebook friend from my last year at Montcalm Publishing where I promoted their titles Gallery, Fox and Lollypops. He was a young, graphics web guy and I used to pop in his office to shoot the shit as I generally did to most employees on a daily basis, and we stayed in touch after I was gone. At one point he moved nearby me, living with a fellow NYC publicist and sometimes he’d sneak off to have a joint and a chat with me. He lives in the south now, and he’s still in the industry working on websites as he always has. We haven’t spoken often, and rarely on Facebook at all until I posted an article that had a story I fed to Rolling Stone about Kendra Sunderland meeting Ron Jeremy. I introduced Kendra to Ron, then he immediately took out her boob and started licking her nipple. Although I have worked with Ron quite a few times in my 25 year history in the industry, this was the first time I was genuinely disgusted by him, and not in a, “Oh isn’t that ole Ron Jeremy gross but we love him just the way he is,” way. The guilt that has stayed with me since it happened at the Exxxotica Expo in Dallas the early Summer of 2015. When it happened Kendra and I were shocked and didn’t move until I awkwardly said, “Welcome to the adult industry, Ron Jeremy leched on you!” He laughed, and Kendra and I giggled nervously and left. On our way to our rooms, I stopped her and said I was very sorry and I hoped she didn’t think less of me as a result of this crass experience that I should have done something about. I should have shoved him and said, “What the fuck, man? Not only is she a total stranger, but she’s young enough to be your granddaughter, you pig!” But I didn’t. I was stunned and stood there, which is very unlike me who is known for being verbally impulsive and probably too loud most of the time.

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