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So, when Exxxotica banned Ron Jeremy from participating at their expo, I felt guilty all over again and publicly mentioned what happened those years ago. Kendra backed me, which I appreciated, and then she went on to speak with a writer from Rolling Stone Magazine about it, to which I posted on social media. My old comrade in porno arms, let’s call him Pee Wee (he was quite young when we met), reacted with this comment: “Kendra, the girl arrested for making porn in a public library? Tsk tsk, 19 and didn’t know anything huh? She certainly knew enough to do that and then capitalize on it to get famous,” Pee Wee wrote. “Well anyways, gropage is kind of like a hazard of the job. If you’re going to play football, you might take a dirty hit. And if you’re going to be a porn star someone might well take a dirty hit lol uhh. I mean someone may touch your boob when you are not in full porn mode. As someone who has been in the industry as long as you have been, I would assume that you know that at porn shows porn stars male and female and often fans sometimes get very touchy with each other. It’s kind of what the shows exist for. Not saying it’s right, but let’s not live in a fantasy land. I ask you... do we really want to live in a world where Ron Jeremy can’t pull out a porn stars boob at a PORN show? Akin to my finding it comical strippers complaining about getting groped by guys at the strip clubs. Well if you don’t want to get groped by guys then don’t go to a job where your job is getting groped by guys.” I couldn’t believe it. Pee Wee, who was a sweet, attractive young man, grew into a bitter misogynist, another woman hater who can’t stand how women in this industry are on top. Perhaps his life is not going very well. He asked me recently for help getting one of my girls to barker for his website at the last Exxxotica Expo in New Jersey, which I was happy to do until I found out he didn’t have a booth! I find that weird and ghetto, quite frankly. Pee Wee didn’t end up coming to the Expo at all. Maybe the success of others has been getting to him. I always try to find answers to people’s negative behavior, much to the annoyance of friends and family who have to listen to me go on and on about it. But who knows? The truth is many civilian men would agree with Pee Wee. Hey, you’re a porn star, and you were at a porn convention wearing a tiny bikini, and the world-famous Ron Jeremy licked your nipple. Big deal. Isn’t that another day in the office for you? You’ve chosen to make a living in the sex industry for god’s sakes! But no, no, this is not acceptable behavior in the adult industry. You do not sexually touch anybody without consent, even if you’re going to do a hardcore sex scene with them in an hour. The law begins where good manners end, as I learned in a wonderful class I took in college called, “Journalism and Ethics.” Once you cross the line, you’ve committed sexual assault. Period. We in the industry are almost always on our best behavior with each other. We say, please and thank you and may I, and if we accidentally fuck up, we humble ourselves and say, I’m sorry. I’ve always been proud to be in this business because any sexual harassment most of us have ever received was at our jobs before we took the porno plunge. The worst job I ever had was in a fancy-schmancy Manhattan shoe store, “Churches of England Shoes.” I had that job when I was 19 and every single day of my time there I was assaulted with comments like, “Hey Lainie I like your sweater and the way you fill it,” by men who were old enough to be my father, and in one case, my grandfather. We were selling ridiculously expensive footwear with clientele like The Rockefeller’s, but I may as well have been working a street corner nearby the Lincoln Tunnel with a pimp named Chance. When the news just broke about Exxxotica not welcoming Ron Jeremy to their lifestyle convention anymore, I ended up talking about it on the popular SiriusXM show, “The Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show” and you can check that out on YouTube. Both hosts who have always been respectful of all of my adult industry clients who got it: Just because you work in the adult industry does not give anyone the right to sexually harass you. I’ve even gotten annoyed with random people on social media who say things like, “Nobody can take a cock in the mouth like Vicki Chase. The way she drools on it makes my cock so hard I explode.” To which I always retort with the oldie but goodie, “Yo Mama,” such as, “I know your mother taught her everything she knows.” That always gets the reply, “What do you mean? I wasn’t saying anything mean, I was complimenting her.” And I continue with, “I was complimenting your mother as well. She really knows how to suck a dick. It’s quite amazing, your mother’s dick sucking skills.” So how should you compliment a porn star? What’s the right way? You can say, “I really enjoy your work, you’re the best at what you do,” or “I have been following your work for a long time, I’m your biggest fan and I think you’re beautiful and have mad skills.” What I’m saying is we don’t need to hear how you enjoy a performer’s work and what you do to yourself while you enjoy it. We get it, you

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