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36 - HEF - THE MAN IN THE SILK PAJAMAS STRIPLV columnist Howard T. Brody pays homage to the legendary Hugh Hefner. 40 - KAYLANI Kaylani’s aura and energy is alluring and captivating at the same time. She just makes you feel good all over being around her, and she brings her magical presence to the pages of STRIPLV this month with her work with photographer Santodonato. 54 - ADAM DRIVER Adam is taking on the Star Wars franchise again with The Last Jedi. STRIPLV got the chance to sit down with Adam for a few minutes to ask him about the latest Star Wars feature, what it was like working with Mark Hamil, and what it was like to step back into the character of Kylo Ren. 58 – ANGRY DRIVERS AND ROAD RAGE Road rage, in one form or another, affects every driver in every state—and, in today’s social media age, filled with photos and videos and hashtags too. 60 – INSTAGRAM CRUSH 0118 We’ve been trolling Instagram again this month, and it’s been as lustful month as ever featuring Marina Laswick, Maria Domark and seven other stunners. 62 - AIDEN Aiden’s on fire in this white-hot 8-page pictorial. With her perky natural breasts and perfectly round booty, she really gets the mouth watering. 70 – PORN STAR, MAY I? Miss Lainie manners crash course in treating porn stars. 74/76 - #TBT - LAUNCH PARTY AT THE PALMS A throwback to the first year of STRIPLV Magazine partying with Monique Alexander, Charlie Laine, Cassia Riley, Tito Ortiz, Crazy Girls and more at Ghostbar and in our limo bus where things got kinda out of hand.

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