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what I’ve done in the past; he’s leaning more on anger and aggression, that’s new for me. I’m really not a nice guy [in this] and that’s the fun with the job, exploring a new side to myself and my acting. STRIPLV: So you enjoy playing the bad guy? JONAS: Yeah, I like it, it’s fun. I’m into it. I can see the appeal (of the bad guy). STRIPLV: You’re in incredible shape. Are you in the gym every day? Do you live there? JONAS: Yeah, not every day, but mostly, most days. It’s not about how often you go to the gym, for me anyway; it’s about the food you eat and the amount of good sleep you get. STRIPLV: Sleep? A workout I can get on board with. How does that work? JONAS: Just like getting to bed at a reasonable hour before midnight. It’s so important. I would always substitute an hour of sleep over an hour in the gym, given a choice. STRIPLV: Both you and Joe have rocking bodies, as well as successful singing careers, are you competitive? JONAS: (Laughs) We are definitely competitive but not in what you think, not in music or the entertainment industry stuff. It’s more like, games and sports, we’ve always been that way. Because we’re close in age, we’re brothers; it comes with the territory. I’m probably not as competitive now, I used to be intensely competitive, really sore loser but doesn’t matter so much to me. I’m learning to chill. It’s just a game, get over it. STRIPLV: So no jealousy if DNCE gets to the top of the charts or sell more records than you? JONAS: No, there’s just love and holding each other up. I love what they’ve done. STRIPLV: Will you collaborate? JONAS: For sure, I ‘m a huge fan, I could see that happening. Right now, we’re all on our separate paths, it’s about support and giving advice and talking about what we have going on. Joe and I live together in LA, and it’s always nice to chill and talk about what we have going on, what we’re working on. STRIPLV: Are you happy with Sophie Turner as your future sister-in-law? JONAS: I’m really happy for them. She is a lovely person inside and out, and we’re really happy to welcome her to the family. Couldn’t be happier. STRIPLV: Are you a Game of Thrones fan? JONAS: I do love Game of Thrones, very much. STRIPLV: Isn’t it odd being around Sansa? JONAS: No, not at all. She’s so cool and totally awesome regular, you’d never think she was on the biggest show on the planet. Super, super sweet.

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