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LANCE GILMAN - MODERN DAY MAVERICK By Howard T. Brody If you’ve never heard of him, or only saw his photo, at first glance you might think Lance Gilman was just another Northern Nevada rancher. His laid-back appearance and silver hair, hidden under a Stetson or Resistol cowboy hat, fits right in with the modern day western motif of Bonanza country. And in you would only be half right. Because for those living in Reno and the surrounding area of Storey County, not only does Lance own one of the most famous – some would argue infamous – ranches in Nevada this side of the fictional Ponderosa, but as a highly successful real estate broker and shrewd businessman, he is a bit of a maverick, for it is his outside-the-box thinking and free spirit that has made Storey County, Nevada the go-to place for major corporations in recent years.

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