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12 - STRIPLVSTYLE Neil Young’s classic 1953 Buick Roadmaster Skylark convertible auctioned off for $400,000. Goodfellow slim jeans, Brisk beard oil and more. 14 - STRIPLVHEALTH - IS YOUR BODY TOXIC? This month’s health section features a holistic guide to a healthy lifestyle, four reasons not to drink diet sodas, and the young men’s new party drugs: Viagra and Cialis. 16 - VEGAS Lady Gaga signs on for a residency at Park Theater, which will net her a cool million dollars per show. Elvis Costello brings his brand new show to Encore Theater for multiple dates, and Beth Hart rocks the House of Blues. 18 – STRIPLVDINING - CHOW MEIN HOUSE When a chemical engineer longs for food that reminds him of his home he does what most enterprising people do: he opens his own restaurant. China native Alan Zhenglan channeled his once after-work passion for cooking and entertaining friends into his restaurant Chow Mein House. 20 - NIKI LEE YOUNG Stunning Niki is subdued and wet as she meditates and explores her body bathed in warm blue waters. 28 - I’M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE A little gift guide for Valentine’s Day 2018. 30 - NICK JONAS - 25 He’s not the first former Disney alumnus to shirk off his innocent mouse ears and take on a sexy, provocative persona. And he won’t be the last. But the transformation of Nick Jonas from dimpled cheeked boy-bander to muscle-bound leading man is more staggering than most.

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