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FREEDOM OF SEXUAL CHOICE By Lainie Speiser A long time ago I went to Negril, Jamaica with my roommate Helen, and unbeknownst to us as we were boarding the plane, we were going to spend the next four days getting hit on by just about every local man on the island. It was a real pain in the ass, don’t get me wrong. As attractive ladies in our mid twenties, we were used to going on vacation and getting hit on by the locals. We went to Puerto Rico, Mexico, and all those popular places where young women go to get loose and get a great tan to boot. But Jamaica was on a whole other level; we didn’t even feel safe going to the bathroom at a club on our own, and one of us would always follow the other. We told these guys that we were a couple, but for some reason, they didn’t believe us, even though Helen, a gorgeous Korean girl, had a crew cut. I would be at our beachfront hotel reading a book, and some local would come up to me and say, “Why you come to Jamaica to read a book?” And he worked at the hotel, which made it all the worse. This guy, more than the others, just wouldn’t let up on me. One night he tailed us to an outdoor concert at a neighboring hotel, and he said, “What do you think, we don’t eat pussy? We eat pussy too. What’s wrong you racist? You don’t like black men?” To which I replied, “Oh I like black men fine, but I don’t like you, so fuck off, or I will have to make a complaint to the hotel.” And he finally did, but shot me and Helen dirty looks for the rest of the trip. When I came back to New York, I told my black friend Patrick (who is now the Ambassador of South Africa) about all of this. He laughed and said, “My two sisters went to Negril together and left after one day— you’re not a racist.” Why am I telling you this tale? Because for this column I’d like to discuss what I call “Freedom of Sexual Choice,” meaning it’s every human’s right to only have sex with the people they want to have sex with no matter what the race, creed or color, they are. Nobody should be pushed into having sex, let’s say, to prove that they’re not a racist. We like what we like. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to have sex with a person you don’t find attractive. I know I tried in college, but it’s terrible. You can’t talk your penis and vagina into enjoying sex with someone you don’t like; you stay soft, you stay dry and even if you manage to stuff it in, or use some lube, it’s still awful sex. And all sex should be wonderful. I used to say sex is like pizza, even when it’s mediocre it’s pretty, damn good. But I’ve had some horrible frozen pizza, and after two bites I’ve thrown it in the garbage. Sex is my oasis, my private Idaho, my vacation, my meditation, my greatest pleasure and it’s the only time I can be completely myself. When it comes to sex I don’t have to wait in line, I don’t have to settle, I don’t have to be politically correct, I don’t have to be a lady and I don’t have to explain why I desire what I do. If I prefer outwardly conservative big, white Aryan looking guys, that’s my business and my right. If I only have sex with men who’ve got long hair (yes that was me in another life), it’s my right. If I choose to suddenly only want to eat Chinese (Asian men have the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen) then fine, call me a Rice Queen all you want. It’s my right, it’s my own business, and I shouldn’t be criticized for it. At the date of this writing, beautiful, young porn star August Ames passed away due to suicide. She hung herself on a tree in a local park near where she lived in Los Angeles. Prior to her offing herself, she was engaged in an intense battle on Twitter about refusing to do a scene with what we called a “Crossover Star,” which is a man who did gay porn and crossed over into the heterosexual genre. A lot of women in the industry do not want to do scenes with them, mostly for worry of contracting a disease. Whether that assumption is right or wrong, there was no reason to call this young woman a homophobe. As she wrote on Twitter, “I don’t have anything to apologize for! Apologizing for taking extra steps to ensure that my body stays safe? Fuck you guys attacking me when none of my intentions were malicious. I fucking love the gay community! What the fuck ever! I CHOOSE who I have inside my body.” But as you know with Twitter, there becomes a mob mentality, and she got it pretty bad from not only the porn fans but also from her fellow performers (names I won’t name, but from a few big performers who do scenes with crossovers, transgenders and everything in between). And some performers while defending her, also told her she should keep her opinions to herself as one wrote, “I agree. I support your rights to choose who you have sex with. 100%. I just think it was offensive to say publicly when half of your peers do not agree.” To which she replied, “I’ll keep my opinion in my head next time and be fake.” When these “Twitter Wars” happen, we text each other and say, “Pass the popcorn,” myself included. August knew that as one of her final words on social media were, “To every bored person on set today: you’re welcome, for the reading material” and then lastly on that day, December 4, she said, “Fuck Y’all.”

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