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36 - LANCE GILMAN - MODERN DAY MAVERICK If you’ve never heard of him, or only saw his photo, at first glance you might think Lance Gilman was just another Northern Nevada rancher, as his laid-back appearance and silver hair, hidden under a Stetson or Resistol cowboy hat, fits right in with the modern day western motif of Bonanza country. 40 - SASHA HEART Sasha’s a natural girl with a ton of spunk. She’s like a wild horse that doesn’t like the saddle and needs to be broken, and this is what we love most about her. 52 - MICHELLE WILLIAMS - MONEY Michelle Williams is so ridiculously likable while promoting her latest role in All the Money in the World. She was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as a devastated mother willing to do anything to get her kidnapped child back. 58 - STRIPLVTRENDING What’s hot and trending in February 2018, including Kendrick Lamar, Joanna Angel and Heather Vahn. 60 – INSTAGRAM CRUSH 0218 Instagram Crush this month features Tazia Ulrich, Sami Ryan, Vanessa Dubasso and six more beauties that we have hard crushes on. 62 - TRISH DAVIS Art model Trish Davis explores the great outdoors of Lincoln County Nevada in this artful photography spread by photographer Santodonato. 74 - FREEDOM OF SEXUAL CHOICE Lainie Speiser tackles the subject of “Freedom of Sexual Choice,” meaning it’s every human’s right to only have sex with the people they want to have sex with no matter what the race, creed or color they are. Nobody should be pushed into having sex— let’s say to prove that you’re not a racist. We like what we like. 76 - #TBT A throwback to Summer of 2008 at Sunset Sessions at TAO Beach.

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