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Strong and Sexy BEAST MODE CAN ALWAYS BE “ON” BY ANDREA LOWELL You’re at the gym, and you’re on fire! Every last burning rep feels like a breakthrough. Your music is in sync with your lifting and nothing can stop you. You decide to go another set because you want to milk this feeling of victory. You stride out of there like a champ; you murdered that workout. Two days later, you’re back at the gym. You suck. Lifting is boring, you feel weak, and you can’t find your groove. We’ve all been there. Let me start by saying that no two workouts are alike and that’s for a myriad of reasons, including hormones, sleep, blood sugar levels, hydration and more! So, while I can’t get you out of your hormonal cycle (yes, men have them, too), I can tell you what to do to make sure that you are getting the most out of every workout, every time. 1. HYDRATE, PLEASE. Muscles are 75% water. Obviously, you need to drink large amounts of water to keep them (and your entire body for that matter) working optimally! Even when we are only 2% dehydrated, our performance already decreases up to 20%! That’s why it’s crucial to drink TONS of natural spring water before and during your workout! If you’re not fully hydrated, your workout will suck, your lifting will be wonky, and your gains will suffer. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water (example: a 200 pound person needs 100 ounces of water daily), at least. Drink before, during, and after your workout. Oh, your skin will look sexier, too! 2. PRE-WORKOUT. Sorry, sometimes we need that extra push…that energy, that joy! Y’all know what I’m talking about! While I’m not a pusher of powdered pre-workouts, I trust that you will each make the best decision is selecting one, based on overall wellness. For me, personally, I make a raw superfood mixture (raw green coffee, maqui powder, noni powder, wheatgrass powder, cacao powder, maca root, and bee pollen) and drink it 30 minutes before I arrive at the gym. Pre-workouts can be clutch for performance and focus. Just make sure you don’t OD on caffeine or take too strong of a thermogenic. We wouldn’t wanna see your hot, sweaty ass slip right off of a bench! Look for real ingredients and give it enough time to kick in (25-45 minutes, varies per person depending on the person and their and stomach contents). 3. PLAY LIST. If you do not workout with music, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. I’ve actually left the gym before because I didn’t have my iPod with me. It’s THAT important. Choose a playlist of songs so that when you hear them come on the radio or at the club, you HAVE to sing along or dance to – songs that take you back to a fun, dirty place. I like to play hip hop when I workout my ass (because they rap about it a lot, and it motivates me!), and EDM when I’m doing other body parts. The beats keep me on pace with my goals! Heed these few tips. They are so important to getting the best workout, ever! Get hydrated, pumped up, and have beast mode turned ON, every time you hit the gym floor. Andrea Lowell is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Radio and TV Host, and can also be found as a Cover Girl here in the pages of STRIPLV Magazine. WARM FEET = HOT SEX If your feet are cold, you might have a harder time reaching orgasm. A Netherland study found that cold feet kept orgasm rates down to 50% in women. Popping on a pair of socks made the women much more relaxed and the orgasm rate escalated up to 80%. Putting on a pair of socks can ease the problem and get your sex life back up to hot. Add a pair of go-go boots and you can really make it sizzle!

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