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to go and spend some time on these beautiful islands that we have in Sweden. It’s very peaceful there. STRIPLV: What’s the most difficult aspect of your life in the film business? VIKANDER: It’s being out of touch with my friends and family for long periods of time. It’s almost impossible to plan getting together because you never know exactly where you’re going to be because new projects are constantly popping up and you’re often shooting in different parts of the world. I’ve spent the last four or five years living out of three suitcases and going from one hotel to another. But that’s also what makes this life exciting because you don’t know what lies ahead for you. STRIPLV: You have an advantage in that your English is excellent. VIKANDER: Thank you! Being able to speak English very well is definitely the most important thing if you want to be able to work internationally. When I did Anna Karenina, I worked very hard on trying to get my accent right. That was a very important step for me because all the work and effort I put into perfecting my English enabled me to keep working in American or British films and it’s like the whole world has opened up to me now and given me a career outside of Sweden. STRIPLV: You’ve become a fashion icon of late. Designers seem to be rushing to offer you fabulous outfits for every event? VIKANDER: I love fashion, and for me, these designer outfits are works of art. When you look at the stitching and the attention to detail you can see the handwork that goes into it, the workmanship is incredible. I never had that much money to buy myself clothes like that, and now that I’m able to wear these beautiful outfits it’s unbelievable. STRIPLV: Do you try to dress very chic when you’re not attending big events? VIKANDER: (Laughs) I’m starting to pay more attention. But usually, I’m a jeans and T-shirt girl during the day. I’m trying to shop around more for myself and look for interesting pieces whenever I get the chance. STRIPLV: Do you ever feel like you’re caught up in some strange whirlwind that is taking hold of you? VIKANDER: It does feel like there’s momentum of its own. It’s a lot of fun, though, and I don’t want it to stop, at least not now! (Laughs)

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