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With the current toxic political climate in America, The Post couldn’t be more relevant. A sharp, fast-paced retelling of the Pentagon Papers and the dilemma faced by those at the Washington Post, including editor Ben Bradlee and publisher, Kay Graham, it’s a simple reiteration of the Trump administration’s constant assault on the press – or as the president keenly likes to refer to it “fake news.” Star Tom Hanks, who plays Bradlee in the film, agrees with the stark relevance. “It’s as simple as making a movie based in 1971; we may as well be making a movie about what’s happening right now. All this time goes on, and nothing really changes.” As Bradlee, Hanks delivers another tour de force performance as a newsman pushed to the edge. As a movie star and two-time Oscar-winner, he’s a tried and trusted brand. One of the biggest box office draws in history, his image and views are all part of a carefully constructed business, one he’s not necessarily willing to tarnish by outwardly bashing the Trump administration. But an ever-savvy media presence, the 61-year-old knows how to land a silent punch. And in an interesting chat, the star delivers his withering take on the current presidency without getting his hands dirty-like only a true pro knows how. Friendly and warm, Hanks discusses the freedom of the press, the cornerstone of democracy and why the truth is a powerful entity. He also chats with us about working with Meryl Streep for the first time, the role of women in Hollywood and why he has finally turned his back on technology. Hanks lives in LA with wife Rita Wilson. They share two children, Chet, 28 and Truman, 22. He also has two older kids, Colin, 41, and Elizabeth, 35, from his first marriage to Samantha Lewes.

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