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Viagra A New Cancer Cure? The medical college of Georgia at Augusta University may have found a new use for that little blue pill. They conducted an animal model and found that small daily doses of Viagra significantly reduced the formations of polyps, an abnormal clump of cells in the lining of the intestines that can lead to the third leading cause of cancer death, colorectal cancer. Viagra is best known for its ability to relax the smooth muscle cells around blood vessels facilitating more blood flow, which is how it can help with both erectile dysfunction and hypertension. In this study, scientists found that the doses of Viagra increased the levels of chemicals known to infect the lining of the intestines. These chemicals promote the production of normal healthy cells and limit the production of the fast-growing unhealthy cells that lead to cancer. They are hoping this breakthrough can help combat this disease, which is one of the most common and deadly cancer diagnoses. Pick the Window Seat to Steer Clear of Germs A group of researchers followed a cluster of flights, passengers and crew to find where the most germs were spread during the time of travel. They analyzed how bacteria spread around the plane during the time of travel. Those seated in the aisle of the aircraft were most exposed to the most germs from fellow passengers and the crew as they circulated the plane. Those seated in the window seats were exposed to least. The window seat is not only a better view, but it’s also a healthier choice for travel, so take in the sights while you fly. Short BurstS of Exercise can boost Long-Term Health Dr. William Kraus cardiologist and professor of the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute and his team studied 4,800 adults 40 years old and up for over four years. They found that short bursts of physical activity can add up and reap some significant health benefits. Ideally, we should all aim for 30 minutes a day of exercise, but Dr. Kraus says that even if you break that up throughout the day by taking a short brisk walk, or jog can have the same health benefits as one solid 30-minute workout. “We want to state it clearly and simply,” Kraus said. “All moderate and vigorous activity can count toward reducing your risk of death, even if it’s broken up into short sessions.” Though researchers did also want to point out another fact that might just help you to get more sweat time in. People who got less than 20 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity each day had the highest risk of early death. Those that racked up 60 minutes a day cut their risk by 57%, and those hitting over a 100 minute or more shaved off 76% of the risk of death from chronic illness according to the study. FAT IS BACK Much to our delight, fat is now once again a welcome part of our diets. There is one small rule of thumb that the American Heart Association researchers want you to remember: The most beneficial fats to add back to your diet are the plant-based ones found in vegetable oils, avocados, nuts and seeds. They followed a research group for over 22 years and found that those who ate more plant-based fats than animal ones had a 16% lower chance of dying from heart disease while the group that ate a diet high in animal fats had a 21% higher chance of dying from heart disease. It doesn’t mean you have to give up the eggs, meat and cheese all together though, however; restructure your diet to include more plant-based fats and limit animal fats to find a new balance for your health. Benefits of Strength Training A good cardio session is always beneficial, but adding some weights to your workout is a great way to increase your results and benefit your health. Weight training has three key benefits that up your game in a majorly productive way. • Boost Mental Resiliency Researchers have found that regular weight training can combat anxiety, decrease depression and it also boosts mental resiliency. They also found that those weight training on a regular basis had better body image than those that didn’t, even if the individual hadn’t seen any physical results from their training yet. • A longer lifespan Those that routinely work in pumping iron have better cardiovascular health with findings showing that weight training boosts good cholesterol, and improves blood pressure. Training also shows a dramatic reduction in cancer risks as well as controlling blood sugar levels. • Improving mobility, and lowing the risk of injury An excellent muscle base, which weight training provides, is essential for all movement, balance and mobility. If one muscle is too weak, it can put pressure on the others and cause pain and/or injury. Strength training also helps to increase flexibility. Incorporating exercises that emphasize muscle lengthening like the lowering phase of a squat are twice as effective in increasing flexibility as opposed to a static stretch. By taking your joints through a full range of motion during strength, exercises will improve their range of motion over time.

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