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GARY OLDMAN - BODY OF WORK On March 4, Gary Oldman brought home the Oscar for Best Actor. And the star doesn’t mince his feelings on the accolade. “I am fucking delighted,” he cries. “No complaints from me.” It seems criminal this may only be a first Academy Award win for the 60-year-old actor. Gary Oldman made his mark playing extreme and often deranged characters and was, for many years, one of Hollywood’s most celebrated villains. There was no one better at giving depth to drooling psychos (The Fifth Element, True Romance) twisted cops (Leon: The Professional, Romeo is Bleeding) or manic artists (Sid and Nancy, Prick Up Your Years). But in the 1990s, the man whose very persona reflected the tough south London areas where he was raised, decided the time was right for a change, both professionally and personally. He gave up drinking, redefined himself as a skilled character actor and found a measure of inner calm that had long eluded him.

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