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OLDMAN: Nothing in particular, perhaps it’s a remnant of playground teasing. Just an uncomfortableness. STRIPLV: Did you ever think, why did I accept this job? OLDMAN: I think that was the big fat pink elephant in the room. How was I going to pull this off? Aside from the mountain of portraying one of the most important figures in British history, arguably the greatest mythologized, who’s ever lived, how was I going to achieve this? I wanted to say no. I mulled over it, a lot of pensive soul searching. Once that seed was planted, I had to say yes. This was once in a lifetime; I would never get a chance like this again. I listened to some of his speeches, over and over, learning the gravitas of his timbre. And then I recorded myself on my iPhone giving it a try. There was something there. Something worked. And it was really my wife Gisele who said to me, this was the clincher. “Are you really going to give up this opportunity to say those words? You’ll always regret it.” STRIPLV: It’s difficult to imagine Gary Oldman scared. OLDMAN: Lately, I think fear has become the central core of my own process in accepting any work and perennial concern that I won’t be able to do it. What can I say? I’m an actor who’s overwhelmingly insecure. (Laughs) STRIPLV: Why is that? OLDMAN: On the whole, I’m incredibly blessed, very fortuitously in my line of work and I will never say other. But with the ups, big ups like this movie, this moment, there has been work that I had to do for just the check because I was raising my boys by myself, I was a single dad. I had to be there for them. I couldn’t be leaving for months at a time to shoot in Romania or South Africa, so I had to say no. I was a dad who needed to be a present dad. So that’s what I did, I took jobs that meant I could be at home for the school run, to be there to pay the mortgage. Maybe not my finest moments but I had responsibility over anything else. STRIPLV: So, do you have regrets over certain movie roles? OLDMAN: Absolutely no regrets. Never. What’s the point in regrets? It’s a waste of time.

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