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Amtrak California Zephyr At prices starting at around $429, you can buy an Amtrak Rail Pass and travel cross country by train. Experienced travelers say that this train trip is one of the most iconic and gorgeous tours you can take by rail in all North America. You will climb through the heart of the Rockies, and further west through the snow-capped Sierra Nevada during this trip of a lifetime. The train features an observation car, roomy coach seating and for those willing to pay a premium they still offer sleeper cars, some of which have their own bathrooms. It’s a leisurely and throwback way to explore our country. Save some money by buying rail passes that allow you to choose your journey leg by leg. Some have been able to budget their cross-country journeys as low as $200 per trip. Call Amtrak or go to, and reach out to travel bloggers for tips if you want to go the more economical route. Halospheres This new extreme velocity desk toy is taking the world of fidget spinners to new levels. Moving at over 3600 RPM, Halospheres combine extreme velocity and gravity-defying physics to create a spectacular kinetic spinning light display. Forged in steel and plated in gold, it makes for a desk toy that doubles as eye candy. Use the gold straw included and use your breath to get the sphere spinning and glowing with light. This Kickstarter success is gaining in popularity. Starting at just $32, available at striplv1 Make a pledge to #doiteveryday @kyycrystalballer @mikeyprettyboyperez for @lionsdenadult by @santodonato06 #beauty #beautiful #sex #sexy #photography #art

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