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40 - NIA NACCI - NATURAL BABE All-natural beauty Nia shot in natural light to expose her wonderful curves and soft essence. Nia’s breasts are to die for and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy this stellar pictorial. 52 - EMILY RATAJKOWSKI - NAKED FEMINIST WARRIOR It’s hard to pin down Emily Ratajkowski. A young woman with the body of a goddess, she has generated massive controversy over her penchant for posing nude, or nearly so, in magazines and social media. The London-born, California-raised Ratajkowski has maintained a parallel presence as a revisionist feminist model anxious to celebrate her cleavage at every opportunity. 58 - STRIPLVTRENDING Trending this month features Lion’s Den Valentine’s Day campaign #DoItEveryDay with models Mikey Perez and Kylie Hammrich. 60 - 20 FUN Things to do in Vegas Glitzy and glamorous Las Vegas is known for many names – Sin City, The Entertainment Capital of the World, and a gambling mecca. It’s a dynamic and vibrant city that offers something for every type of traveler – from the adrenaline junkie to one who loves living in luxury. Here is a list of 20 fun things to do in Vegas. 62 - KRISTA Krista is every man’s fantasy. She’s beautiful, intelligent, talented, charismatic and a great cook to boot. Photographer Santodonato captures her soul just perfectly in this 12-page photo feature. 74 - FEMINIST AS FUCK If you’ve been reading Lainie’s columns, and thanks for that, I’m sure you get the picture that she is a strong, independent, politically incorrect, loud-mouthed woman who is unmistakably feminist. But nothing makes her feel more like a woman than serving her man. 76 - #TBT - ISSUE 57 MAGAZINE RELEASE PARTY AT GOLD BOUTIQUE NIGHTCLUB

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