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STRIPLVHEALTH 0518 …ANOTHER ROMP? GOOD FOR HEALTH Sex feels good while you’re having it — and afterwards too. But did you know it can actually make you look and feel younger? And research now shows that it not only improves your cardiovascular health, but boosts immunity, reduces stress (of course), improves sleep (duh) and even protects against prostate cancer! And here’s the icing on top: A 25-year study from Duke University has found that the more sex you have, the longer you’ll live. We’ve found the fountain of youth, people! SURPRISING TESTOSTERONE SLASHERS SUGAR: When you consume sugar, your blood’s glucose levels shoot up, stimulating the release of natural body-producing insulin. The upper may feel good, but not for your testosterone production, according to a study from Irish and American researchers. It’s part of what makes you pitch a tent first thing in the morning: It’s your T levels spiking because you haven’t eaten for so many hours throughout the night. NOT ENOUGH SUNLIGHT: Without enough vitamin D from either your diet or sun exposure (just 15 minutes a day), your body’s T levels can reduce by 20% or more. TOO MUCH RUNNING: T levels can drop by 17% from running 40+ miles per week. NOT ENOUGH SLEEP: Another 10% reduction of T levels occurs from sleeping five hours or less a night (even for a few days). EXTROVERTS – LESS LIKELY TO GET SICK A new study from the U.K. suggests that people born with a naturally extroverted personality are able to fight off illness by being friendly. They may simply be less likely to get sick because their stronger expression of genes involved in inflammation actually help keep infections at bay. Sadly, for people who are more conscientious, more thorough, careful and organized, the opposite may be true. Researchers say those qualities, which may be strengths in other areas of life, may make them more susceptible to illness. Co-author Steven W. Cole, Ph.D., has a theory that extroverts are more likely to put themselves in stressful situations, activating their immune systems, which in return protects them from illness. Another theory is that the immune system you develop in your very early years could determine your personality. SUMMER’S COMING MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKOUT WITH ANTIOXIDANTS Antioxidants play an important role when it comes to making the most of our training. They are the superheroes of the supplement family and considered the front line of defense against free radicals, which can cause cell damage. Antioxidants help to prevent injuries while aiding in your body’s natural recovery process. They also help decrease fatigue and improve performance and body composition while training (not to mention, they help to reduce the aging process). VITAMIN B When you exercise, your body uses vitamin B. It is the energy vitamin, playing an important role in the natural process your body uses to transfer energy from food to the body. Vitamin B is a necessary supplement to take in order to maximize your workout. Without enough, you will end up fatigued and unable to perform your very best. VITAMIN E, VITAMIN C, SELENIUM, GREEN TEA, REDUCED GLUTATHIONE AND N-ACETYL-CYSTEINE (NAC) Exercising can cause oxidative stress, creating inflammation and fatigue. Antioxidants like vitamin E can reduce inflammation and aid in injury prevention and treatment as well as antioxidants selenium, green tea, reduced glutathione, NAC and vitamin C. Additionally taking of 400-mg vitamin C daily has been shown to reduce post-exercise pain and inflammation. CALCIUM It has been shown that calcium can play a key role in body weight regulation (most importantly fat metabolism, which can possibly affect energy use and appetite suppression). Some studies have shown high intake of calcium supplementation to hinder weight and fat re-gain; yet when calcium was increased via dairy, this did not hold true. CHROMIUM Chromium is considered the fat burner, in that it helps to increase insulin sensitivity, giving your body the ability to burn off body fat. Chromium picolinate has been shown to aid in achieving an optimum body muscle mass composition. ZINC Many people are zinc deficient, which can be problematic for athletes since it affects more than 100 fundamentally important enzymes covering almost every body function. By supplementing with zinc, one can increase the secretion of growth hormone and IGF-I, as well as testosterone plasma and sperm count. MAGNESIUM Magnesium is the number one mineral deficiency that is seen. Therefore it is important to get your magnesium level checked. Magnesium supplementation has been shown to increase protein synthesis and strength. POTASSIUM Athletes can greatly reduce their potassium levels while working out through loss of electrolytes from sweating. Even mild potassium deficiency can lessen your performance due to fatigue, and extreme deficiency can lead to cardiac problems. ALPHA LIPOIC ACID Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. It also aids in maintaining, repairing and regenerating musculoskeletal tissues, while recycling other antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E and glutathione. Vitamin supplementation can be tricky, with a lot of advice out there and most of it unfounded and without regulation. It is strongly advised to discuss supplementation with your physician.

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